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Paris Saint-Germain Open Training ( Tokyo )

7.18 Mon Prince Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium 17:00 Open 19:00 Start

Seat types and prices

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Entry to the open training is only possiblethe via the East Entrance. *Attention. Please note that you will not be able to enter through main entrance.

Sales Schedule

  • Advance lottery sales
    July 6th (WED)18:00〜 July 10th (SUN)23:59
  • General sales (first-come, first-serve)
    July 16th (SAT)12:00~


Contact information

050-3185-1480 (10: 00-18: 00)

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, please be sure to check the following when you visit the venue.

  •  In order to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, the match will be conducted in accordance with various guidelines, but please understand that it does not completely prevent infection. The organizer cannot be held responsible for any infections at the venue.
  • Those who are restricted from going out or who are requested to refrain from going out and those who have a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher at the entrance gate cannot enter. In such cases, we will not be able to refund the ticket price, handling fee, or transportation expenses to the venue. The same applies if you do not come to the venue at your discretion.
  • Please wear a mask at all times at the venue. Masks will not be distributed at the venue, so please prepare your own.
  • When eating or drinking at the venue, please refrain from talking and be careful not to splash.
  • ・Ensure social distancing (2m as much as possible, at least 1m) (entrance / exit, toilet line, etc.) and cover your coughs.
  • At the venue, please observe the "audience rules & etiquette" and "guidance when visiting" and follow the staff's instructions. If you do not comply with these, you may be asked to leave.
  • After the match, departure from the stadium may be controlled to avoid congestion.

* If there is a risk of exposure, we may provide registered personal information to a third party such as a health center to the extent necessary to prevent the spread of infection.

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* Please check the ticket purchase page for the latest ticket sales status.
* Categories are subject to change. Thank you in advance for your understanding.