Spectator Rules & Manners for JAPAN TOUR 2023


Rules & Etiquette for JAPAN TOUR 2023 Viewing

On the day of the matches, we kindly ask you to arrive at the venue with plenty of time, taking note of the following guidelines.
Match Venue and Kickoff Times:

  1. July 25 (Tuesday) - Paris Saint-Germain FC vs. Al Nassr FC @ Yanmar Stadium Nagai
  2. Gate Opens: 16:00 / Kickoff: 19:20
  3. July 27 (Thursday) - Al Nassr FC vs. FC Internazionale Milano @ Yanmar Stadium Nagai
  4. Gate Opens: 16:00 / Kickoff: 19:20
  5. July 28 (Friday) - Paris Saint-Germain FC vs. Cerezo Osaka @ Yanmar Stadium Nagai
  6. Gate Opens: 16:00 / Kickoff: 19:20
  7. August 1 (Tuesday) - Paris Saint-Germain FC vs. FC Internazionale Milano @ National Stadium
  8. Gate Opens: 16:00 / Kickoff: 19:00

*Please refrain from waiting for entry before gates open.

  1. Entrance and Exit Guidelines:
  2. (1) Entry without a valid ticket is not permitted.
  3. (2) Re-entry is not allowed, except for hospitality ticket holders (without hospitality services) and pitch-side seat ticket holders.
  4. (3) Children under school age are allowed free entry for one child per adult, but they must watch the match while seated on the adult's lap.
  5. (4) Animals, excluding assistance dogs for individuals with disabilities, are not allowed inside the stadium.
  6. (5) There are no facilities for storing large items such as suitcases or bags. Please use lockers at train stations or other appropriate locations.
  7. (6) Please cooperate in sorting and disposing of trash within the stadium.
  8. Prohibited Items inside the Stadium:
  9. (1) Bottles and cans
  10. (2) Items that may disrupt the match, such as gas horns, laser pens, whistles, vuvuzelas, cheer horns, barça horns, musical instruments, etc. (excluding approved drums)
  11. (3) Smoke flares, firecrackers, fireworks, gas horns, laser beams, explosives, or other dangerous items or similar materials
  12. (4) Large items or objects that may inconvenience others
  13. (5) Confetti, paper tape, balloons
  14. (6) Items that display specific company or product names for promotional purposes (including items that may associate with specific companies or products)
  15. (7) Any other items that the event organizers or security personnel deem disruptive or potentially dangerous to the event's operations
  16. Permitted Items inside the Stadium:
  17. (1) PET bottles, water bottles, alcohol
  18. (2) Cameras (Please refrain from using large equipment like telephoto lenses or tripods that may obstruct other spectators' views)
  19. (3) Umbrellas (Please avoid using them inside the stands and consider using raincoats or ponchos instead)
  20. Prohibited Activities inside the Stadium:
  21. (1) Acts prohibited by the facility management
  22. (2) Displaying banners or placards intended to harm or hurt people
  23. (3) Bringing, setting up, displaying, wearing, distributing, or posting materials (signs, placards, bibs, documents, drawings, prints, etc.) that represent or evoke political, ideological, religious, racial discrimination, or military-related ideas or claims
  24. (4) Entering or being inside the facility under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances that hinder normal behavior, or engaging in actions that obstruct match operations or others' behaviors due to such influences
  25. (5) Throwing items onto the field or intruding onto the field, actions that may disrupt the progress of the match
  26. (6) Leaving belongings in the aisles or standing in the aisles during the match (please keep the aisles clear for safety)
  27. (7) Smoking outside designated areas (including electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco)
  28. *National Stadium is entirely non-smoking; there are no smoking areas.
  29. (8) Taking photos or videos, including match footage, for commercial purposes or violating players' or staff's portrait rights. Use of video cameras, smartphones, and other large equipment like tripods that may obstruct other spectators' views or disrupt match operations.
  30. (9) Unauthorized use of public facilities' (emergency medical facilities, etc.) parking areas for purposes other than parking
  31. (10) Any other actions that may obstruct the match's operations or pose inconvenience or danger to others, as determined by the event organizers or security personnel
  32. (11) Acts that cause annoyance to neighboring residents
  33. (12) Any other actions or statements that go against public order and morals
  34. Support Etiquette inside the Stadium:
  35. Please refrain from the following actions during cheering, as they may obstruct other spectators' viewing or match operations. In case of any incidents or accidents

2. precautions when entering and exiting the stadium
(1) No one may enter the stadium without a valid admission ticket. 
(2) Re-entry is not permitted except for hospitality tickets (tickets without hospitality service are not eligible) and pitch-side seats.
(3) One preschool child per adult is admitted free of charge. However, the child must watch the game on the lap of an adult.
(4) Animals (except assistance dogs for the physically challenged) may not be brought to the games.
(5) There is no place to leave suitcases or other large items (coin lockers, etc.).
(6) Please separate trash inside the stadium and take back any trash you bring with you. 3.
3. prohibited items to be brought into the stadium
(1) Bottles and cans
(2) Gas horns, laser pens, whistles, vuvuzelas, cheer horns, balsa horns, other musical instruments, or other items that may interfere with the progress of the games (drums are not permitted)
(3) Smoke bombs, firecrackers, fireworks, gas horns, laser beams, gunpowder or other dangerous objects or similar items
(4) Oversized luggage or other items that cause nuisance to others
(5) Confetti, paper tape, balloons
(5) Items with the name of a specific company, product, etc., for the purpose of advertising a specific company or commercial enterprise (including items that remind one of a specific company or product, etc.)
(6) In addition to the above, items that interfere with the operation or progress of the games, cause inconvenience or danger to others, or are deemed by the organizers or security personnel to be likely to do so
(7) Other items prohibited to be brought into the stadium shall be in accordance with the "J-League Common Etiquette and Rules for Spectators".

Items that may be brought into the stadium
(1) PET bottles, water bottles, alcohol
(2) Cameras (but please refrain from using large equipment such as telephoto lenses and tripods as they may disturb other spectators)
(3) Umbrellas (however, please refrain from using umbrellas inside the stands and use a kappa/poncho, etc.)

5. prohibited activities in the stadium
(1) Acts prohibited by the facility manager
(2) Displaying banners or drapes intended to harm others
(3) Bringing, installing, hoisting, wearing, scattering, or attaching any billboard, billboard, banner, banner, banner, flag, placard, number, document, drawing, or printed matter that displays or evokes political, ideological, religious, racist, or military principles, claims, or ideas
(4) Entering a facility while intoxicated by alcohol, drugs, or other substances, or becoming intoxicated at a facility under the influence of such substances and interfering with the operation of a game or the conduct of others. (Intoxication is a state in which a person may be unable to perform normal acts due to the influence of alcohol or other substances.)
(5) Throwing items onto the field, trespassing onto the field, or any other actions that may interfere with the progress of the game.
(6) Leaving luggage in the aisles or watching or cheering in the aisles (for safety reasons, please cooperate in keeping the aisles clear)
(7) Smoking in areas other than designated areas (including electronic and smokeless cigarettes)
(Smoking is not permitted in the National Stadium.
(8) Taking photographs for commercial purposes or infringing on the portrait rights of players and staff, taking video of the game using video cameras, smartphones, etc., distributing videos over the Internet, using large equipment including tripods, etc., and taking photographs that interfere with other spectators or the operation of the game.
(9) Use of the parking lots of nearby public facilities (emergency medical facilities, etc.) for any other purpose
(10) Interfering with the operation or progress of the games, causing inconvenience or danger to others, or committing any act that the organizer or security personnel deem to be likely to cause such inconvenience or danger
(11) Engaging in any conduct that is a nuisance to neighboring residents.
(12) In addition to the above, to speak or act in a manner offensive to public order and morals
(13) Use of confetti, paper tape, or smoke emitting materials (including dry ice)
(14) Use of ringers after the designated time (21:30 at Yanmar Stadium Nagai / 21:00 at National Stadium)
(15) Slander or discrimination against referees, opposing team officials, or supporters
(16) Discriminatory or insulting remarks or actions related to race, color, gender, language, religion, politics or origin
(17) Acts of violence
(18) Distribution of unapproved posters or leaflets, fundraising, signatures, or survey activities
(19) Encroachment into restricted areas, group protests, stopping buses or passenger vehicles, etc.
(20) Smoking or littering outside of designated areas
(21) Standing up on chairs to watch the games
(22) Sitting, putting one's feet up, or leaning over fences, railings, etc.
(23) Watching games under umbrellas in the event of rain
(24) Any other behavior that interferes with the operation of the game or the safety of players, staff or spectators
6. cheering manners in the stadium
Please refrain from the following acts while cheering, as they may interfere with other spectators or game operation. In the event of an incident or accident occurring or expected to occur, please follow the instructions, guidance, and guidance of security personnel or public safety authorities.
Any prohibited or dangerous activities or activities that violate laws or ordinances in the stadium or on the grounds of the stadium park are prohibited.

All stands
(1) "Straddling, sitting or standing" on the fence in front of the stands
(2) Leaning forward to watch or cheer from the front of the upper (2nd or 3rd tier) stands
(iii) Standing up on chairs or putting one's feet on the backs of chairs
(4) Intentionally taking up space by using cheering flags, strings, tape, flagpoles, etc. (We ask for your cooperation so that as many people as possible can sit down)
(5) Displaying cheering banners or drapes that interfere with spectator activities or game management
(vi) Obstructing the view of other spectators with cheering flags or using cheering flags outside of one's own seat (intermittent use of cheering flags that obstruct the view of surrounding spectators is prohibited, and flags may be confiscated if you do not follow the guidance of the staff).
Main and Back Stands
(1) Bringing in and using drums and other musical instruments
(2) Standing up to watch the game
(7) Penalties for Refusal of Entry, etc.
If any of the above rules are violated, necessary measures such as denial of admission, ejection from the facility, confiscation of prohibited items, etc. will be taken. If the violation is deemed to be particularly egregious, admission to any subsequent JFA-sponsored games may be denied.
No refunds will be made for any tickets that are denied admission or for those who are ejected from the facility for any of the above reasons.
In addition to the above, please comply with the rules and regulations of the stadium where the match is to be held. Please note that if you do not comply with the instructions of the officials running the event, or if you cause a disturbance in any way, you may be asked to leave the venue and will not be allowed to attend any subsequent games.

8. Rules and Manners for Displaying Banners, etc.
Banners will be displayed after the gates open. (Except for the Cerezo Osaka side on July 28)
Please follow the instructions of local staff on the day of the game regarding where banners can be displayed and how to display them.

・Banner display area at the National Stadium on Tuesday, August 1, 2012
Please refer to the following URL