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※If you live in Japan and wish to pay at a convenience store or in cash, please purchase from the Japanese web.

※Please check the ticket purchase page for the latest ticket sales status.

Seat type and Price / Seating Map

About Hospitality Tickets

Tickets are available for world-class hospitality inside the stadium or in the surrounding area. Luxurious food & free drinks will be served in a luxurious setting.
And we will be offering a set of official tour merchandise, as well as exclusive memorabilia based on the rank of your Hospitality Ticket.
Enjoy the best time in this special space for Hospitality guests only.
*Hospitality venues will be allocated either in the stadium or in the surrounding area (top-class hotels, etc.) according to the rank of the hospitality tickets.
Details will be provided separately to purchasers with the venue selected.

Exclusive upgrade menus for ticket purchasers

Upgrades to various menus are available for an additional fee for regular ticket purchasers on the official website.
Please see below for the details of the upgrade menus.  

NFT Digital Ticket

All tickets can be upgraded to "NFT Digital Ticket".NFT Digital Ticket" is an NFT whose ownership is proven by blockchain technology.
The NFT Digital Ticket is the only one of in the world, that will allow you to keep the proof of your participation in the PSG JAPAN TOUR 2023 in the form of an NFT for the rest of your life.
 Amount: 20,000 yen
 Eligible for: All ticket purchasers in all categories 

Accommodation Plan 

We offer a special plan that includes a quality hotel stay and a premium experience just for this day. Please enjoy a luxurious night.

*Please purchase from the Ticket Board Official via the information e-mail sent only to ticket holders.

Application restrictions/Payment methods


The manner of watching the game.


◆Tickets are non-refundable unless the game is cancelled.
◆Each person may only purchase a maximum of 4 tickets per person for each category (please confirm the other seats at the time of purchase).
◆One preschool child under elementary school age may watch the game on his/her lap free of charge for each adult. If you need a seat, please purchase a ticket.
◆If you wish to watch the games in a wheelchair, please purchase a wheelchair seat ticket
◆The price of wheelchair seats is for one person in a wheelchair and one helper.
◆Some seats have special privileges and services depending on the seat type. For details, please check the ticket information on the official website.
◆All seats are reserved seats and the seats behind the goal are also reserved seats.
◆Students who purchase tickets for elementary, junior high and high school students may be asked to show their student ID.
◆If the tickets are sold out in advance, no tickets will be sold on the day of the event.
◆After the gates open, seats near the pitch may be sprayed with water due to pitch maintenance.

About the Area Behind the Goal

◆There may be some supporters standing up to cheer behind the goal. If you wish to sit down to watch the game,
we recommend you to watch the game in the area other than the area behind the goal.
◆Behind the goal area: some parts of the pitch may be difficult to see, because of supporters waving big flags, advertising signs, cameramen and TV cameras between the seats and the pitch. Please understand it in advance.

Please note that the extent of visibility will vary depending on your seating position.
*Resale Tickets

◆The resale of tickets for the specified box office or the acceptance of tickets for the purpose of resale is punishable by up to one year in prison, a fine of up to 1,000,000 yen, or both. 
Please do not purchase tickets that are resold at a high price.
◆If you resell tickets or purchase tickets that have been resold, we reserve the right to refuse admission.
Please understand that no refunds will be made in the event that admission is denied. 
If you are seated in a seat that is suspected of being resold, you may be asked to leave the seat on the day of the game.

*Other information regarding game viewing

◆All or part of the video footage(including still images) taken inside stadium (including concourses) for the purpose of game broadcasts, etc.
(including portraits of individual visitors and productions such as banners, flags, chants, etc.)may be used for the following purposes in addition to game broadcasts, etc.
Please be aware of this beforehand.
(1)For use on the large video equipment in the stadium and various monitors installed in the stadium.
(2) Use in official PSG JAPAN TOUR 2023 media
(3) Use in news programs and related media, etc.
(4) Use in visual products and other productions produced by the PSG JAPAN TOUR 2023 Production Committee and in various sales materials, etc.


General reception desk for tours

☎ 0570-066-676
[email protected]
Available hours: 12:00 - 18:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Closed on Sunday, Mondays and national holidays